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QuickFox flip wall back to the country VPN is a special overseas Chinese, international students, overseas travel users to create tools software, a key to unlock the domestic B station, Jitterbug, fast hand, small red book, Aiki Yi, Tencent video, QQ music, NetEase cloud music, central video and other mainstream applications geographical restrictions, and accelerate the League of Legends LOL, eternal robbery without interruption, World of Warcraft, the glory of the king, peace elite, the fifth personality The original God and other popular national games, to meet the overseas party unlimited brush drama chase variety show, listen to music, play national games, experience live HD events, study office and other needs.

Functional scenarios

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When do I need to use a wall to go back to my home country VPN?

Over the wall and back to China VPN is a Chinese mainland network proxy software specially developed for overseas Chinese, overseas students, and overseas business trips. High-speed dedicated line, one-key acceleration, overseas Chinese access to mainland network acceleration without barriers, free connection to domestic resources, and high-speed access to VPN accelerators for domestic applications in China. Users can lift the regional restrictions on platforms such as iQiyi, Youku, Tencent Video, Bilibili, Korean drama TV, etc., and also break through the regional restrictions on music resources such as Netease Cloud Music and QQ Music, and enjoy playing Glory of Kings, Peace Elite, and Original Music for free overseas. God, LOL, Knives Out, Tomorrow's Ark, Onmyoji, World of Warcraft, DNF, Fantasy Westward Journey, Cross Fire, JX3 and other domestic popular games. Listening to domestic music abroad, watching Chinese movies and TV shows, watching Chinese dramas, watching domestic live broadcasts, playing mainland server online games, and doing business work, QuickFox back to China VPN can meet all kinds of needs to bypass the wall and go to China.


Solve the problem of network regional restrictions, delayed lag and slow loading when playing domestic games such as King's Glory, LOL, Peace Elite, Original God, etc. in mainland China overseas


Solve the problems of network region restrictions, lagging playback and other problems encountered when listening to Chinese music overseas with QQ Music, Netease Cloud Music, Kugou Music and other domestic music APPs

Film & TV

Solve the problems of regional restrictions, copyright restrictions, and inability to play when overseas users watch mainland dramas using iQiyi, Tencent Video, Bilibili, Youku, Mango TV, Korean TV and other domestic video apps

Live Streaming

Overseas viewing of Douyu, Huajiao, Yingke, Huya, Racer, Jitterbug, Weishi, B station and other domestic live short video when regional restrictions, slow loading, delay lag

Communication & Office

Solve the problems you encounter when using WeChat, QQ, Beigua Phone, VoIP, Nails, Tencent Meeting and other domestic communication and office applications overseas, such as network restrictions, delays and lag.

Information & Stock Speculation

Solve the problems encountered when using Chinese software overseas such as Futu Securities, Flush, CCTV News, Today's Headlines, Netease News, Tencent News, and other domestic news and information and domestic financial software, such as network regional restrictions, delays and lag.


Solve the problems encountered by overseas shoppers when using Chinese shopping apps such as Taobao, Jingdong, Jindo, Tmall and other domestic shopping apps, such as network regional restrictions, slow loading, delayed live shopping, etc.


Solve the problems of slow loading, delayed lag and other problems encountered when using domestic education and learning applications such as Netease Open Class, Tencent Classroom, Xiaobanlong, Netease Cloud Classroom, Vanden Reading, Zhihu, China Knowledge Network, etc.

Why choose QuickFox to speed up the wall back home

Over 1000 network nodes worldwide

Nearly 1000+ network festivals in all Chinese countries around the world, always the most suitable node for you

Ali cloud strategic cooperation

Ali cloud strategic partners, all lines are using Ali cloud international station financial grade dedicated line, to ensure high-speed global interoperability

Unlimited high-speed traffic

24 hours a day, no speed reduction and no traffic restrictions, you can play and watch whenever you want

Deeply optimized game experience

The mainstream games in the national service are optimized for the special line directly to the game room, effectively avoiding the risk of real name verification.

Covering global high-speed return nodes

When you are playing domestic games or watching domestic movies overseas and encounter network area restrictions, QuickFox Back to China VPN can help you solve all the Chinese network restrictions and access mainland China network resources without any worries.

QuickFox gas pedal super cost-effective multi-platform multi-device enjoy the same

Quick Fox has not only developed multiple client platform versions, one account can experience the extreme speed experience brought by each between different platforms, one account can switch between 5 platforms at will, up to 4 different terminals can be used at the same time, and can be shared by multiple people at the same time, so that friends and family can enjoy together.

Unique anti-latency acceleration technology

Using Quick Fox's own proprietary anti-latency acceleration technology, the network environment and speed is enhanced to the best

Intelligent switching of network mode between two locations

When users switch between Chinese and local applications, the network environment required by the current application will be automatically recognized and switched automatically to avoid the situation that the local application is not available after acceleration

Games / AV & Applications
Specialized custom user line

A dedicated game acceleration line for game users, so that the game experience is no longer limited by the network environment, lifting the regional copyright restrictions

High-order data security algorithm protection

Curve25519 algorithm is used to encrypt data for users' personal privacy, which greatly protects the data security during users' use.

One click to start an extremely fast VPN experience back home

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Users say good is really good

Since its launch it has been well received and has been recommended by tens of thousands of users, we will continue to work hard to make the best VPN for our users to flip the wall back to their home countries.

After working overseas for more than half a year, when using domestic software, I often encountered lagging or even inaccessible situations, and was depressed for a long time, and now I often use QuickFox, a software that allows me to watch and listen to songs on my cell phone without speed limit, stable and reliable.


Excerpted from GooglePlay

As a newcomer, using QuickFox for a while, feel relatively stable, the latency is also very low, in the same kind of software is still doing a better job, and domestic friends black no longer pit, King of glory unimpeded, not how to lag!

Wang Siyu MIA

Excerpt from AppStore

After working overseas for more than half a year, when using domestic software, I often encountered lagging or even inaccessible situations, and was depressed for a long time, and now I often use QuickFox, a software that allows me to watch and listen to songs on my cell phone without speed limit, stable and reliable.


Excerpted from GooglePlay

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