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How to watch domestic live video in overseas regions

As Chinese people, we are still used to watching domestic TV programs and listening to Chinese songs. It's not that we crave for free resources, even if you want to pay for it, you still can't. On the other hand, if we say we are looking for foreign TV programs instead, foreign language programs are difficult for most people, and TV programs from Hong Kong or Taiwan are not to our liking. Is there any way to watch domestic TV programs in foreign countries normally?

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How can I watch domestic live streaming overseas?

Being overseas, have you also experienced the pain of searching for domestic programs or live events on the internet? Whether it's the past World Cup, the Olympics, or the next World Cup in Chinese. Not being able to learn about the event at the first time is like being abandoned by the world. Foreign television stations and have to pay to watch, is really not cost-effective. At this point you are not particularly nostalgic CCTV5 to give you a free game and familiar Chinese commentary it? We understand your frustration, and we know you miss waiting in front of the TV every night for your favorite TV show to air, or watching a variety show during dinner. In fact, you don't need to give up your "old favorites" when you're abroad, you can still watch domestic TV channels without borders!

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